Sunday, May 23, 2010

whacky weather in our town......

I don't really know where I live anymore. It is May 23rd and the wind has not stopped blowing all day. I don't know what the temperature was but it was cold today I needed a fleece to stay warm. The last day of school is Thursday and it doesn't even seem like we even need the summer clothes yet. The wind is one of those elements that tends to get under my skin after to long. I am not sure why, maybe it is the unpredictable nature of the wind. Perhaps it is the pressure it carries as it passes through, maybe it's all the loose debris it stirs up. The wind also has the power to exhaust, not just me, but the boys too. The boys crashed around 7:45 and it probably would have been early if it was just a touch darker.

We spent the day with friends which was nice. We had a femo clay party at a neighbor's this morning. The afternoon was spent at a fun filled five year old boy's birthday party this afternoon. There is something about a pack of children and birthday cake which makes my heart sing. Childhood is suppose to be a joyous time, and to watch the boys run and have so much fun with their friends gives me a feeling of peace. It is even fun for me, my family has attended this "party" probably 40 times. The hostess changes, the birthday kid changes, the cakes change (shelley you raised the bar this year), the food changes (in the future kale salad will be the main dish and hotdogs will be just a blissful memory, Danny nice work on the grill:) and the games change (pinatas have been replaced by trampoline mosh pits, and of course the highly sophisticated treasure hunt.) hell even the venues have changed. No two parties have ever really been alike, time has it's way of changing the details. The core group of women (I like to refer to us these days as the Mommy Mafia) is usually in attendance with their families in tow. Every time I attend this "party" it is like putting on my favorite pair of jeans. Being a part of this group of families is one of the great joys of my life and every time I leave one of these parties I realize how blessed I am. Friendship and acceptance are such amazing gifts we are all so lucky to have.

The week ahead is busy, tomorrow a visit to my favorite, Dr. Berardi. Time to put some more fluid in my expanders. My old friend Annie is driving me to Scottsdale, I won't be ready to drive in the city for probably another week or so. To be honest I have been loving the company, long drives with old friends are food for the soul. I am also preparing to host a "party" of my own. I can't believe my own baby is turning 6 years old. Lots of details to wrap up with the last week of school and all. Then of course there is work, life never slows down.

My strength has not completely returned and the wind took it out of me today. Healing takes place at a party surrounded by friends,and I drink water and breathe................

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