Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Then there were none, oh yeah and I am totally lopsided

I went to visit Dr. Berardi yesterday and he removed my last two drains. Nothing says freedom like not having to look at weird fluids coming out of your body through plastic tubes. The JP drains were never REALLY painful just a weird inconvenience, they had to be drained and cleaned and they kind of just got in the way of everything.
Now the fun part begins, he examined the incision from last Wednesday's surgery and decides to start filling the reconstruction spacer in my right breast. I am ready for the right side to match the left. At the original surgery on April 23 he put 300cc of saline in my left breast, that makes for a little mound. My right breast flap had no saline due to the complications from the scar tissue of the original biopsy. So out comes the needle and he jabs it into my chest, and I don't feel a thing. Sometimes nerve damage is a blessing. So now my right mound has 50cc of saline, which hardly gives it any shape at all, but it's a start. Then my dear Dr. injects 25 cc into my left breast....I'm like noooooo I want them to balance. Apparently the tissue needs to be stretched regularly for the best results, or my doctor is messing with me. It will probably take 4 or 5 weeks for my new breast mounds to be close to each other in size, and then of course after that the sky is the limit....
So if you notice a hot mama walking in a counter clockwise circle out in public (think Zoolander) you may have spotted me, I am feeling stronger every day and am starting to leave my sanctuary for a few little errands other then Doctor appointments. I may try to return to work for some light duty towards the end of the week.............as I get stronger and busier I tend to loose sight of my mantra and I gently remind myself to come back to center, drink water and breathe..........
it works!


  1. Hi Sarah, so glad to read that you feel normal again without all your grenades. You are an amazing person with a long journey of healing ahead of you. If you ever need a chemo-companion, I would be happy to transport you for sessions. I've been through this with several family/friends over the years. I got excited to see you may go into work for light duty the end of the week. Does that mean the restaurant? Let us know and we'll be there! Our phone # is 775-3362. By the way, I established my own Google account because I couldn't remember David's password! Missing you, Susan and Greg

  2. Hi Sarah, This is Amy, one of the nurses who had the honor of caring for you while you were at Thompson Peak. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Susan I would love your company during chemo, and yes I should be at the resteraunt the next couple of days. Amy how did find my blog? I drive by Thompson Peak on my way to see Dr. Berardi...I kind of feel like I should stop and visit. So much of my life changed from my experience there. I can't say enough good things about the care I received there. Thank you so much!

  4. Ha I have been reading your post still not good at this blog stuff good to hear you are getting out more hope to see you soon Greyson said to tell you hi

  5. Sarah, it was so good to see you today at the restaurant. David and I couldn't believe, after reading and following your blogs, that you could look as wonderful as you do! Your upbeat personality is truly our excuse for frequenting the restaurant! You have a wonderful attitude, Sarah, and with your family/friends, you're going to be just fine. Greg is looking forward to seeing you next time we're in town. I showed him the picture I took today and he loved your new haircut! Our thoughts and prayers continue. Susan (775-3362)