Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mission Complete

Talk about a long day............16 hours total full of all the wonders of modern medicine. We arrived early to quite possibly the busiest outpatient facility I have ever been to. The procedures were pushed back an hour due to a delay in the surgery scheduled ahead of mine. I don't think I have the ability to describe how busy this place was. I think they had a total of 10 operating rooms, they did anything from a broken leg to, light plastic surgery with anything in between. The number of nurses, doctors, aides, and registration people running around was mind boggling, kind of felt like Penn Station in New York City, I just crossed my fingers and hoped everyone made my train. As usual the staff was amazing, I was given some anti-nausea drugs with my anesthesia and they worked wonders. I didn't vomit at all and was actually able to grab a quick bite to eat post surgeries and make it to both doctor's appointments for the afternoon.

One thing I was kind of unprepared for was the amount of pain I would be in after these 2 minor procedures. I thought it made perfect sense to place my port for chemotherapy on my left side of my chest, due to all the complications on the right. Little did I know it would feel like someone hit me with a sledge hammer. Now my clever thinking had rendered my better arm in the same condition as my bad arm. The doctors say both surgeries went well and I should not have to go under the knife again until my permanent breast implants.

I would like to put a big thank you out to Dani for supporting me through this day. The journey for me is obviously hard. For Dani her day is equally as long, with a lot more conscious waiting. It is also a lot to ask a friend to be your medical power of attorney for the day. This cancer journey is heavy and for those close to me it is just as hard for them. So extra special thanks to Dani for being with me on this oh-so-long day, a better friend could not be found.

Now I am back on the rest and recovery wagon..........
Drink water and breathe.......

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  1. Many blessings, Sarah! You are in my heart every second of every day. If there's one thing I know about you, it's that you can endure. You will push until you can't push any more. I've seen that strength in you so many times.
    Your posts are amazing, and I want to thank you for taking the time to do them. It really means a lot to myself and everyone else following to be able to know where you are and what you're going through.
    I send you my love every day. I hope you feel it. It surrounds you. Be well and... drink water and breathe.

    I love you,