Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The greatest miracle of my life is being a mother. My boys bring me more joy then I could ever explain. Motherhood has changed me like no other life experience, it has also brought into my life some of the most amazing people ever. Motherhood is one of the many links I have to the community around me. My community of mama's is full of the most brilliant, powerful, loving, gracious, giving, hugging, not-hugging, beautiful women in the world. These women can also accomplish anything and are a force to be reckoned with. Today is your day Mama's know that you are all loved and appreciated for all the hats you wear. I take from all the people in my life to be the mother and woman I am today. Mama's you are an inspiration to me everyday and I am thankful to know so many wonderful mothers.
Go out and celebrate the Mother's!
Today I am going to celebrate being a mom with my mom and my boys and Tony Stark, luckily my mom likes action movies Iron Man 2 here we come!!!!!!!!!
don't forget to drink water and breathe.................maybe throw in a little popcorn and soda :)

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  1. Sarah I just wanted to drop by and tell you I am thinking about you and wishing YOU a very nice mothers day. Lori