Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeling more like myself....

Things you do not do after you have a hysterectomy "suck it in", I also never would have thought about posting on the internet an image of my abdomen when unable to "suck it in". But the JP drains put in after my mastectomy need to be documented for this journey, I look like I have 5 plastic grenades pinned to my midsection. The drains require cleaning twice daily. They are put in place to collect fluid that may build up post surgery, this fact is completely disturbing to me. For the first few days Pat a retired RN came to clean them for me, it is not really a big deal for some people. Alas for me with my aversion to any thing medical it a source for some anxiety. I am however now capable of cleaning my drains myself and staying concious at the same time. It's amazing how far I have come since surgery.
The great news is today I go to Phoenix to see my plastic surgeon and he will possible remove some of these drains. The healing process is truly amazing and watching as my body recovers is truly miraculous. With the removal of drains I should be able to wear something other then pajamas, which of course is another step closer to me leaving my sanctuary and joining the rest of civilization.
Boredom is sinking in, it is so hard to just take it easy. I am continously reminding myself in order to heal I need to divert all the energy that I would use for my every day tasks to my body to recover from surgery. It is working every day I feel a little bit stronger, but it does take time and patience.
Drink water and breathe........
Today I would ask that anyone reading would send some love to a friend of mine named Denise, she is having a double mastectomy today. Say a prayer for her and her family. We are all a part of this human experience and there is never to much love sent out into the world.
Drink water and breathe Denise my thoughts are with you today.....


  1. Sis,

    That might be one of the spookiest pictures I've seen on the internet, maybe just because it's you. I wish I had a change to take you up to the Bay Area to hang out before this all started. Prayers for Denise and I'm glad to see you writing. Much love!

  2. What a process - but I'm glad you are dealing okay with it now. I wonder if audio books would help you with the boredom? It can be a great way to 'read'.
    Still sending healing thoughts to you, and my thoughts to your friend Denise and her family as well.

  3. WOW! Seeing a picture of you makes it all too real! So glad to see you're feeling better and getting some of those "grenades" removed today. That alone will make you feel much better. We're all sending good thoughts and prayers your way daily. Still missing you,

    Greg, Susan and David

  4. That is a crazy picture! So glad to know you are hanging in there. Also glad you have wonderful friends helping you out. My prayers and thought go out to your friend, Denise and her family.


  5. What a strong person you are! We are all so proud of your spirit and determination is dealing with such an overwhelming experience.

    I am sure that many readers of your blog are being strengthened by the time you are taking to share this with them.

    My thoughts and prayers also go out to Denise.



  6. You are an inspiration! I just had transflap surgery on Thursday and was released on Sunday. I have 3 jp drains myself. Today, I went to the doctor's office... I was hopeful that they would remove some of these drains or at least some of the stitches... no dice. I cried, even though I knew it was irrational to think that they would. It has only been a week. Now they want me to come back again on Friday, and maybe they will take ~some~ of them out.

    The doctor asked me today if I got out and took walks. Are you freaking kidding me? I am homebound until these ugly baby duckling drains that follow me everywhere can come out. I don't even go to the grocery store with my drains... That is all someone wants to see when you are leaning over the meat counter and your tubing pops out like a bunch of entrails. Mmmm appetizing thought... Yuk.

    Well, good for you! I hope your drains are all out now. I look forward to the day when mine are, and all of this is a funny memory.

    Love and Take Care,