Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going to my first Happy Hour today...

Much like anesthesiologists, oncologists refer to their mixture of drugs as a cocktail. Thankfully this is a language that I can appreciate. My first cocktail will be administered at 2:00 today. Adriamycin and Cyclophophadmide are what Dr. Vu is mixing for me. I have been looking forward to this appointment with nervous anticipation. This is the next step in my healing, I am going into yet another unknown for me. The solace in chemotherapy is that I have spoken to many who have been down this road prior to myself. I won't know how it will be for me until this afternoon. I am also not alone love and prayers have surrounded me and my family since my diagnosis.

Some one told me long ago that your body regenerates the majority of it's cells roughly every 7 years. I don't know if this information is a fact or not. I thought that might be why people get a 7 year ache in relationships. The two major relationships in my life each ran about 7 years. I liked the idea of a fresh start, and the idea of renewal that came with the replacement of cells.
I look at chemotherapy as healing and renewal. I will be broken down on a cellular level only to be renewed with fresh cells. In this particular case it will be about 7 months though, not 7 years.

Today's Happy Hour will be my 1st of 10 treatments. My goal on this journey is to live in the present throughout these treatments and love and nurture my body along the way. Send your thoughts and love my way this afternoon, raise your glass for a toast to "new beginnings" drink water (out of a martini glass:) and breathe......

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  1. We will be thinking about you today going to your first happy hour. You are a strong woman, Sarah, and we know you will make it through this next phase in your journey to getting healthy. I know I will be toasting you with my martini glass full of water tonight. Be well. Susan, Greg and David