Friday, June 4, 2010

Chemo log 1 - 32 hours and counting

One down and nine to go. The chemo office was not as bad as I remembered it. They got us right in as soon as we arrived. The greatest invention of modern medicine may be the port-o-cath that Dr. Bornstein put in. That's right all the pain that little device in my chest has caused me is worth every bit of it. This device has saved me from having to have and IV placed in my arm every time I go for treatment. I have to say it is pretty much a breeze to plug in, a quick blast of freeze spray on my skin and a slight jab and my IV is connected. The amount of information given to me about the drugs was overwhelming. I get a steroid drip for 20 minutes to help my body accept the chemo drugs followed by the C drug which drips for about and hour. Then I get the A drug in the form of a push, that means a giant syringe full of red medicine getting injected in my port. Really kind of creepy, and this is the hardcore drug, the one that makes my hair fall out, might damage my heart and possibly give my nausea that is worse then any hangover I can imagine. This is just stellar these are the drugs that tear down my immune system. The shot I got this morning the Neulasta is suppose to rebuild my white blood cells. It does so apparently by causing me great bone pain similar to the flu, a temperature of 101 is my sign to go to the emergency room, I am not sure exactly why.
All in all Kate and I were at the office for about 2 1/2 hours, just enought time to play a game of Scrabble. The time really flew by, we had a few snacks and chatted with the nurse. Apparently my reputation preceeds me. We were talking about my treatment with the nurse and I told her after the A/C I would be taking Taxol combined with something else to target my ovarian cancer. The nurse then blurts out that "oh your the double decker". I guess it doesn't matter what people are saying as long as they are talking about you.

So far the symptoms have been:

Very little sleep last night due to indigestion and nerves
I woke up today with a serious headache that went away with a couple of advil
I am very tired but was able to work a little today
Now I just wait to see how my body responds to treatment

While I am waiting to see what my body does the boys and I are having movie night. A little tradition we have of watching movies and camping out downstairs on the hide-a-bed. I haven't been well enough to sleep downstairs since before my surgery, this journey has been one of healing. Some things are getting back to normal.

The only thing that seems to help is drink water and breathe............


  1. Hey Sarah!
    I've been following your blog for a while now and love it! Thank you so much for your amazingly candid and brave thoughts...

    This blog has me commenting, I've just finished Nursing school, with your uncertainty about going to the ER with a temperature:

    Because your immune system is being broken down you're much more apt to possibly get an infection that could really harm you--without that helpful immune system to fight it. The steroid drip helps suppress your immune system too, so temperature is the best way to monitor your body's immune response. Those stinking chemotherapeutic drugs....

    I just wanted to answer that little question for you..(totally presumptuously...)

    So glad your symptoms so far are manageable and I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts...

    Thank you again for posting so courageously. You're a powerful woman, Sarah.


  2. Layla, thanks for the advice, it is always welcome. Congrats on your completion of nursing school, I have a new found admiration for people in the medical field. Have a great summer in the Alps. xoxo Sarah