Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chemo log 6 so much for my hair

I have a lot of hair, probably twice as much as the average person. If I only lost half of my hair through chemo, then I could theoretically have enough left over for what would be a reasonable head of hair. I am not however able to deal with the constant shedding and that shedding began Friday morning. I gave my hair an ever so gentle tug and about 20 strands were in my hand. I tried the other side 20 or so more strands. I hopped in the shower and gently washed it and my hands were just coated with hair.

I was faced with yet another step in this cancer journey. I was going to have to cut my hair off. Not until the afternoon though after my friend dropped off the clippers. I gently styled my hair and sprayed it with a ton of hairspray so that it would not fall out throughout the day. It was my last day with hair for a few months.

I didn't think I would mind to much, but it kind of bothered me a bit. My head has not seen daylight ever, I was born with a head of hair. What if I looked hideous? Just another initiation into this club called cancer. I am growing weary of all the steps.

My friends Dani and Matt came over to do the deed. I was nervous, but the thought of cleaning up all this hair that was falling out, made me realize there is no time like the present. So I held my head over a trash bag while my friend Matt did the honors. Dani took pictures and it was over in about 8 minutes. I was sure my head was going to look like Darth Vader's at the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke takes his fathers helmet off. My head is quite even, I kind of look monkish. It is quite liberating to have no hair. I have a lot of options for wigs, scarves and wraps. I may just go out with nothing. Here are some pictures for you all to see....
You will note Matt has a twisted grin on him face after shaving my head, Millie and Vanillie are always a nice look, and then of course there is "little cancer on the prarie".........
Drink water and breathe..........


  1. Sorry I wasn't around to help like when you were around to help me when I shaved my head (along with a house full of drunk people, good times though!) Love you sis, be strong!

  2. You look beautiful with or without hair! It's your smile that is your best feature and I'm glad to see you haven't lost it.

    It sounds like things are going fairly well, considering the circumstances. I continue to pray for you and send my love all day every day.

    I'll be in Prescott next week. All day Tuesday (the 29th) and Wednesday morning. I'd love to see you or take you to an appt if you need a pal. Let me know what your schedule is.

    You're an inspiration, thank you.

    Much love,

  3. I would just like to know when you are going to published your first book. I'll give you about 18 months and then send you another comment, like ITYS.

    After all, you are a natural when it comes to laying down your thoughts on the keyboard!



  4. Sarah you are so pretty! I love the new look and think how cool it will be this summer. Keep up the positive healing thoughts you are doing great! Miss you. Lynn & Lori

  5. Hi Sarah, I am a retired Marine and have been friends with your brother for years. I too, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 1 last June. I went through 6 months of chemo and yes, like you, shaved all of mine off. It was about 1/4 inch all over and didn't all fall out until I was done with chemo. I completed 9 weeks of radiation in May and am completely cancer free now. I didn't tell very many people because I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me. I wish now that I had been as brave and strong as you are. Please know that I say a prayer for you every night that you, too, will hear those 4 little words that I did. You are cancer free! No one really knows how you feel or what you are going through unless you have walked in those same shoes. Please stay positive and strong and YOU WILL hear those words. Check out this song. It is awesome. I never once cried during the past year....Even when the doctor told me I had cancer. But when I heard this guy...I couldn't stop crying. The song on the right to click on is "When Pink is just a color again. Keep posting!!

    Daphne Sherlock

  6. Daphne- thanks for the prayers, I am so glad you are cancer free
    Lori-miss you too
    Molly-call me Tuesday PM
    Dad- thanks for all the positive energy
    Sean-so many say I look like you now, only younger of course :)

  7. Sarah,
    I just got back from Prescott. I'm sorry I didn't call you... I only just now got this message and wish I had checked your blog sooner. I'll try to be in touch via email the next time I come up so I get a reply from you that I know how to get!
    You look fabulous and I'm proud of you. I've seen you endure so much in your life, and you continue to amaze me.
    I love you,