Friday, June 11, 2010

Chemo log 3 - Insomnia my new pal

I actually started this post sometime last week but was unable to finish it.

Since my surgery in April I have not slept like myself. One could argue that I am no longer my "self". I have had major surgery, been diagnosed with a serious disease, and had natural hormones removed from my life. I could not be sleeping for a million reasons, and I guess it doesn't really matter what they are. To address this insomnia I am either faced with a serious commitment to meditation or throwing myself at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies. My heart says "meditate Sarah, the way to sleep is through the calming of the energies within". My mind says "take a pill Sarah, it is the path of least resistance", yes that is my mind putting a zen spin on the pill thing, never doubt the power of your mind, very tricky indeed. I don't like taking pills and I have enough "medicine" running through my veins. So I did nothing. Friday and Saturday of last week I slept through the night, my body must have known I needed a little more shut eye.

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  1. Sarah try Melatonin when you can't sleep. I had a naturopathic turn me on to it and it really helps. You can get it at hi-health or new frontier. Your in our thoughts and prayers. We stopped by to see you last week at the restaurant but you where off having fun at the doctors :) . We will see you soon. Lori