Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Love Tears"

I kind of needed to share a story about my son Mason. Tonight I was putting my sweet son to bed and we were just talking. Somehow the conversation got on to how he did not want to become a grown up. I re-assured him that he would grow into a fine man one day that was loving, strong, caring and kind. He would be surrounded by friends and family, maybe meet the girl of his dreams and get married. He said, "Mom will you be at my wedding?". I said, "Of course son I would not miss it for the world." Then my sweet son's eyes started to tear up. I asked him why he was crying and he said, " Mom they are just watering." I told Mason they were "love tears" not the kind you cry when you are horribly sad, angry or hurt but the kind of tears that flow when you think of perfect love. My sweet young son and I had an amazing moment where we just shared "love tears". I am so blessed to be a mother to my amazing boys and am grateful for each day that I spend with them.

So on a maintenance note. I had my one year check up with Dr. Vu in December. According to blood work and physical exams I am NED (no evidence of disease). This is fantastic news. It does not however negate the fact that CANCER is a GIANT MONKEY ON MY BACK. I think the worry ebbs and flows. This will be something I have to deal with forever. Before cancer the story of "love tears" would mean something different for me. I would have taken for granted my presence at my son's wedding. The thought of my own mortality now plays into my processing of future events. I realize that I need to live in the NOW. Not one of us has a guarantee for tomorrow. I try to face each day with gratitude.

Cancer is a wicked club. I don't know if I shared that my half-sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year. Her journey began shortly after I finished treatment. I believe I was still having reconstruction surgery when she was having her surgery to remove her cancer in April. We went under the knife within days of each other, in separate states. After my surgery I began to heal for the 1st time since my surgery in April 2010. No more chemo, no more operations for me. While my sister Arlene began her 1st cycle of chemotherapy. She was amazing through treatment and finished in October of last year. Arlene's doctor released her from care and allowed for her to return to Japan where her husband was stationed with the Navy. Last month my sister was having stomach pain and they think that her cancer has returned. She was flown back to the states today to meet with her oncologist. My heart breaks at the thought of her going through chemo again, I pray for her children, her husband, and our family. Cancer does not have any rhyme or reason. Arlene is not BRACA positive. I don't know if I am. I was never tested. I don't know if our cancer is genetically linked. In the end it doesn't even matter (I don't know how Linkin Park got in here). Cancer just sucks. Pray for my sister.

Take some time, count your blessings, shed some love tears,

drink water and breathe


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  2. Such a beautiful person, you are (you speak Yoda, yes?)... love to you & your sweet boys