Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giant Thank You !!!!!!

Since my last post I have been busier then usual.

I had the honor of attending a Lovefest/Benefit for my family. The number of people in this community who have extended love to my family during this time are really too many to list. I however feel a burning need to recognize and thank some of these amazing women. I do not however want to violate anyones privacy so unless you are a business it is first name and initial only.

First up on the list are the amazing organizers of the event Melanie T., Tara L., Leslie C, Kate P. and Jen B. These women have hearts full of generosity and love. They were also able to put together one of the most amazing, fun, bliss filled night of love benefit/bash. I am honored to know and love each of you! Celebrations are taken to a whole new level when you ladies are involved.

The night of the event there were a few ladies who donated their time and services during the event to make it extra special. Cina M. massaged attendees into chair massage bliss in one room. Tara S. shaped brows to perfection, for literally the entire evening...only leaving to attend her silent auction bids. Carrie from Nyla D' salon did temporary hair painting. Andrea C. was doing tarot card readings in another area, I did not even get a chance to meet/thank her she was so busy. Thank you so much ladies for donating your time, skill and love to make this event extra special your gifts are amazing thank you for sharing!

Kerry C. thank you so much for coming and being my wing-woman. Your presence means the world to me.

I am sure you all noticed the AMAZING flowers throughout the entire evening, they were all donated by my favorite farmers Cory and Shanti of Whipstone Farms. Apparently they not only excell at growing the finest vegetables in the land, they also grow the most amazing flowers as well. I love local, and this farm is all things good! The skill to arrange all those lovely bouquests was none other then the artistic and talented Leslie C.! Beauty and love on so many levels!

Our community is full of great local businesses who extend themselves on a multitude of levels to give back. Here is a list that donated directly to this event. If for some reason anyone notices I missed one please let me know.

There was a multitude of generous donations given by amazing families throughout the community. Hand bags, jewelry, sunglasses, pillows, wall hangings, books, dresses, hand made crafts, timeshares, helicopter rides, books, furniture, massages......The list is so great and the generosity of those giving is hard to express. Many ladies went home with one of a kind earrings and bracelets made from donated bike tubes, extra love lives in each one of these pieces. The tubes have been all over our beautiful trails in Prescott National Forest.

The generosity of the women who attended and bid on all the items was unbelievable. Many people have donated who were unable to attend. The ripple effect continues as more people here of my story.

Trying to blog about the love and energy that was shared that evening is hard. The layers of love are like ripples in a pond. Imagine the people closest to you putting their love into an evening. Then they have the people closest to them give and pour in more love. Each one of them reaches out to those close to them and more love gets poured into this amazing love/fest. It just goes on and on. It has been a couple of weeks since the night of the benefit and the love just keeps washing over me in waves. The kindness and generosity of so many is quite a humbling experience.

Women from different times in my life showed up to show their support. Some I have known for decades, others not so long. I can't get over how many people attended and how amazing all these women are. Many women I didn't know, were friends of friends who knew me through my blog. I can not say enough good things about the ladies who showed up for this very special evening. The love and generosity of so many have made such a profound difference to me and my family.

I need to sign off I have so much more to say.........

with love and gratitude

drink water and breathe


  1. Awwww, looks like it was wonderful. Sorry I missed it! I'll be honoring you in my own way come November! Love you!

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