Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love to Your Mother

They are an extraordinary breed. We can all celebrate this day by giving a big thank you to our mom's. The pains of labor are only known by her, the amount of work it takes to bring a human being into this world is enough of a reason to say thank you . Then try to keep that little being alive when the only way they can communicate is crying or the ever effective screaming. For those uninitiated this is a "TALL"order, and there are no take backs. Slowly Mom figures out the ins and outs of what it means to be you. You grow, she grows becoming a personal library of what it means to be your mom. Adaptation and survival are two words not listed in "What to expect when you are expecting". There is no "REAL" guide book, Mom is left to sort out the details on her own. Just when Mom figures out what it takes to keep you happy and grooving in life, it is time to start letting go. This process seems to last a life time. Motherhood is a game of ebb and flow, that takes place on the field of unconditional love. The good thing about this is there is not a score card in love. Motherhood is a road riddled with potholes, smooth downhills, long climbs, pretty much everything life has to offer can be reflected in this one relationship. Complicated? You bet! Only a mother can make sense out this.

I would like to give a special shout out to all the mother's that I have raised my children with. My own journey of motherhood brought into my life a long list of amazing women who I am proud to call friends. Together we celebrate the joys and pains of motherhood. We do it with grace (sometimes), love, humility, frustration (often), laughter, and style (always):)) Thank you to all these special women who have helped me become the mom I am today.

Of course this is a special weekend that I will be spending with my boys, Corbin and Mason. I have learned so much just being their Mom. I was showered with special crafts made by them in school. Tomorrow I will go on a Mother's Day bike ride to celebrate my own momness.

Today the boys and I will be going out to my Mom's house to give her a special Mother's day gift. We will be stacking her firewood, 3 cords I believe. Only my Mom would strategically order firewood in conjunction with Mother's Day. Sadly only my brother would understand how unique and calculated our own mother is. The good news is stacking firewood is cheaper then flowers unless of course you count the blisters.

So whether it is firewood,or flowers take some time to give it up to your Mother and all the other Mom's you know. They are special, unique and deserving of all the love in the world.

Drink water and's to all the momma's.

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  1. Thank you for your blog. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this week; but they are not ruling out the strong possibility of two primary cancers, because of inconclusive results and how aggressive this cancer is. Your story brings me hope.